4th grade Webquest

Exploring Maryland with "BIG CHIMP" maryland.jpg

A webquest designed to help students review text features and realize the importance of them.
The first grade teachers are in need of your help! They are trying to teach the first grade students about Maryland but the non-fiction text is too hard to read. Most of the students in first grade are just beginning readers and they can’t understand the information. They have asked the 4th grade students to research Maryland and help create readable text.
Task This is a two part project that you are expected to complete in a weeks’ time. Please budget and use your time wisely.
R Research Maryland and fill out the graphic organizer “Big Chimp”.

R Create a hand written brochure for the first graders on Maryland that contains at least 8 text features.

!Look at the PowerPoint/Video to help you review text features. Pay close attention

!Look at the PowerPoint/Video to help you review text features. Pay close attention because you are going to need to develop them. This PowerPoint presentation was created by a 3rd grade teacher at Choptank Elementary School.

!Choose a partner and print out the graphic organizer “BIG CHIMP”. Be wise in your choice of a partner.

!With your partner read through the different resources and record the information in the format requested. Each person must fill out an organizer even though you are working together. You may find information about Maryland that you would like to be in bold print. You would put this under the B in your graphic organizer. Please make sure to write neatly so you will be able to use it later.
Hint: As you are researching if you see a text feature that you would like to use in your brochure save it in your pictures. Right click on the picture and go to “save as”. Make sure you rename it so it is easy to find.

!Look at the brochure rubric so you are aware on how you will be graded.

!You will be creating a brochure with your partner. You will be doing this on the paper provided. You may not use anything that is printed out it must be done by hand. Remember you can look at your saved pictures to help you draw the text features. You must include all 8 text features.
B- Bold
C- Chart
Your audience is 1st graders!
ResourcesMaryland Sites
Enchanted Learning Maryland Site http://www.enchantedlearning.com/usa/states/maryland/
Maryland’s Secretary of State Page
Apples for the Teacher
Facts about Maryland
50 states.com
A to Z Kids: Maryland
Maryland Fun Facts
Visit Maryland
Evaluation You will be graded on your graphic organizer. You will receive 10 points for each letter of “BIG CHIMPS” completed. You must have factual information and show the text feature for this information. This is worth a total of 80 points. R Your brochure will be graded on a 100 point scale using the following rubric. Please make sure you proofread and edit all your work. You are not only teaching the first graders but also setting a good example. Please look at the rubric before you begin your brochure.
ConclusionAfter completing this project I hope you will have a better understanding of text features. Text Features are important when reading non-fiction text. They help you to decode the information. When asked about text features I hope you remember “BIG CHIMP”.
Please feel free to ask me for other grade levels that need brochures for their students. Younger grades are always in need for your help.

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Teachers' ResourcesLesson Plan for Webquest: Designed to meet the Maryland Voluntary State Curriculum