Education 571 Assignments:

Chapter Discussions:
Chapter 8

Chapter 2
Students and Learning

Chapter 3
New Tools

Chapter 4
New Tools in Schools

Chapter 5
Professional Development

Chapter 6
Leadership and new tools

Chapter 7
Online Safety and Security

Chapter 8
Systemic Issue

Website Evaluation

Website Evaluation

Website Evaluation Reflection

Visit my students Evaluation of Website with student work!
Group Voicethread

Project for Class

Project with Kindergarten
Evaluation and Remarks of Past Webquest
The Big Wave
Reference Page
Reference Page for SKYPE
Research Project
Using Skype in the Classroom
Web 2.0 Research Project Presentation

Screencast of my ZohoShow
Screencast of Research Project

Screen Cast Channel
Productivity Application
Big Wave Quiz on Webquest
Bookmarks on Delicious